About me

Yijian Lan
IXD & Strategic Designer

Hi there! My name is Yijian Lan and come from China. Currently, I am working at frog Design as interaction designer in Munich.

Basically I am a very hybrid designer with rich experience in UI, User Experience Design and Service Design. Also develop strategy for the client. I did a lot of works with Product & Mobile Device Interface design, AR Interface design and Mobility Service. I have a solid understanding of human-centered design principles and Design Thinking process. Besides, I have knowhow about general development and develop software prototypes with different tools. Personally, I like to strategize, concept, and design groundbreaking platforms, and explore what types of experiences are made possible by current technologies.

Design & Me

  • filter_dramaDesign

    UI Design,  Products Interface Design,  Concept Development,  User-centered Design,  Motion Design,  Application Design,   Strategic Design,  Prototyping

  • doneUX Methods

    Wireframe,  Personas,  Information Architecture,  Customer Journey Map,  Usability Testing,   Stakeholder Mapping,   Competitive Analysis ect.

  • high_qualitySoftware

    Photoshop,  Illustrator,  InDesign,  After effect,  Principle,  Sketch,  Figma, Origarmi Studio,  Keynote,  Processing,   C4D, Unity 3D,   Arduino,   VVVV

  • codeProgramming

    HTML + CSS,  JavaScript + Jquery,  C#,  Unity 3D,  VVVV,   React Native´╝îContentful

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