Fein Product Service

As a 3 days workshop with Fein GmbH, our task is to define a solution to enable the customer of Fein easily and quickly get access to the relevant product information corresponding to their needs and make products. Based on our research and existing branding strategy, we developed a mobile augmented reality concept and a interactive AR prototype to give user an easy access on relevant product information.

Design Process



We spend a half day to do some secondary research on FEIN. Through learning the positioning, brand value and collect data of brand "FEIN" we get a great foundation to find the opportunity areas based on the briefing.


Based on the Data we collect and synthesis, we defined two main focus as Opportunity Areas. Fein, as a Swabian professional products manufacturer, should build a better customer relationship with their consumer. We believe, through improving the quality of their service experience and making their product experienceable in a different way could optimize the performance of their global networking and win more young target groups.

Ideation & Design

Based on the Opportunity Areas, we think a service app could be an excellent first step to enhance the service ecosystem of fein. And AR camera function is designed as a highlight function in the Fein service App. AR as new innovative technology provides a new product experience to the consumer.

At the end of the workshop, we developed our idea with AR core in the Unity 3D and distributed it on the Google Pixel.