In the Information Age, each person produces an average of 0.5GB of data per day. Do you really know, how many accounts do you have?and which information about you is public on the Internet? We are the creators of our data, but we do not really to own it. We believe that data should be owned and controlled by the people who create it - the users. Today your data shape your image on the web, if you don't care of your data, nobody will.

Midgard is a personal data management platform. Through Data Scraping, Data Profiling by Artificial Intelligence and Authorized by the user, you will on Midgard platform see all of your public information and potential public information on the web and also manage it. Besides, users can also with different functions review their data in form digital identity, transfer their data or profit from their own data.

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Strategic Design - Phase 01

According to the theory of lean startup, we divide our products into three phases of development. We have different key metrics in each phase. With that we could rapid Build, Measure, Learn. Here I use the first phase as an example.

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Midgard - Data Management System